Suitable for potatoes and onions, but also for small beetroots. The roll sizer is gentle and noiseless. The sizing result is precise because the mass to be treated is spinning all the time. Integrally equipped with ball bearings, service free, small need of energy. Roll sizes from 10 mm up to 70 mm. In standard models sizing is done in four sizing categories. All models with rolls and roll table. Capacity 500 kg up to 8000 kg per hour.

 600 mm  800 mm  1000 mm  1200 mm

We also sell models with steplessly adjustable size of rolls.
In preparation also models with extraction of dirt.

Model 1 capacity 500 1000 kg
Model 2 capacity 800 1500 kg
Model 2 S capacity 1200 3000 kg
Model 3 capacity 2000 3500 kg

Models with higher capacity and different dimensions due to the size of facilities and the client's needs are available.